A Marketing Dream Come True for Small Businesses
    Our Philosophy
    Here at The DIVA Zone Enterprises LLC we cling to the following ideals:

  • There is ENOUGH business, customers, opportunities, and financial rewards for EVERYONE. We serve a mighty God who
    knows NO LACK. Therefore…

  • We must support each other as minorities in business (inclusive of ALL women) if we are going to survive and make an impact.
    We cannot be afraid that someone will arrive first, achieve more and take something from us. What God has for YOU is for

  • Every small business owner understands the struggles, challenges, and rewards of launching,establishing and running a small
    business…regardless of the stage in business. We must have a place where we can come together collectively and take
    advantage of tremendous and otherwise costly resources to help us become more knowledgeable and business savvy.

  • Networking is an art that ultimately leads to business opportunities for all who are involved. After the exchange of the business
    cards, there are strategic measures one must take to establish a relationship, earn trust, and ultimately gain business. We
    plan to sharpen your skills to effectively network with your peers and help you become more comfortable with the process.

  • At The DZE Power Networking Zone meetings, we offer a category exclusive environment to not only educate you as to the
    technique of networking and marketing principles, but you have the unique opportunity to do business in a group ranging from
    25 to 150 persons as the ONLY profession in your industry.
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