A Marketing Dream Come True for Small Businesses
    Rules: You must choose ONE category to represent within ONE local chapter. You must
    live, work or own a business in the jurisdiction of choice.
    Click here to see all categories

    Once you join, you are not limited to just networking with your local chapter…with the
    permission of The DIVA Zone Enterprises LLC Corporate Office and the Chapter Leader
    of the desired area of visitation, you may connect with other members of The DZE Power
    Networking Zone wherever we have a Chapter! We open the national networking force
    to each member in good standing!

    We own 100 DIVAs in Business and 100 Business Men with Swagger our exclusive
    women and men business organizations…if you join for annual membership, The DZE
    Power Networking Zone opportunity is offered as added value. You will not have to pay
    the additional $240 per year (or $20 per month). For more details on how to join visit
    www.100divasinbusiness.com or www.100businessmenswagger.com

    Should you choose to become part of the family, you receive MANY rewards inclusive of
    complimentary advertising! You will still have to apply for membership for The DZE
    Power Networking Zone in order to claim your category, however, you will not pay
    anything above your $25 application fee for the networking meetings.

    If you are only interested in attending the meetings separate from our business
    associations, you may pay $240 at once for the year, or pay via a monthly recurring
    option of $20 per month. For the life of your paid membership, we will not release your
    category to anyone else!

    Themes for Meetings will change with our trademarked, signature event concepts…
    Each event will be completely structured, monitored, moderated, formal introductions will
    be made based on member objectives and goals, referrals will be exchanged, leads will
    be generated and relationships will be built. Each chapter must have a minimum of 25
    members with a maximum of 150. Individual chapters are not allowed to grow beyond
    150. There will only be ONE professional service allowed per chapter…(i.e., marketing,
    webmaster, fashion designer, etc. ) Exceptions will be made with professions with several
    sub categories. The DIVA Zone Enterprises™ approves all membership.
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$10 per month recurring. --->>>
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